When The Fire Dampers Won’t Work?

Fire dampers play an important role in preventing fire from spreading to other areas of building in case it has reached your ventilation system. Fire dampers are designed in such a way that they can help in preventing fire from spreading through ductwork. These are basically safety products that are used in ventilation, air conditioning and heating ducts.

They are prepared using fire resistant materials so that fire spread can be prevented. In fact, design of these dampers is such that fire can’t spread inside ductwork. Fire dampers can be life savior for all people who’re present in the fire prone building. Following section will brief you how fire dampers actually work.

Functioning of Fire Dampers

When fire damper gets signal of high temperature in the duct, it is closed for preventing fire to get through the duct. This actually occurs after that fusible link melts because of high temperature. Fire dampers can also function with fire alarm system. In this case, fire dampers are alerted about the presence of fire after getting an electric signal from the fire safety alarm. In this case, there needs to be installation of a detector remote in damper. This detector will help to sense smoke or heat in duct system or the building.

If installed in a right way, fire dampers can help to prevent considerable damage. However, the problem is that in some buildings fire dampers aren’t installed properly due to which they don’t function in the right way. Following section will brief you some cases when a fire detector does not work.

Cases When Fire Detectors Don’t Work

Wrong Type of Damper

It is important that correct fire damper has been installed in the heating or air-conditioning duct. In case, the damper isn’t adaptable to the duct, there are chances that it will ditch you in the last moment. Hence, if you have any doubt about your damper’s functioning, reach out to a technician and get it corrected. However, make sure that before hiring a contractor for installing the damper, you check background and details of the contractor. In some cases, the contractor may not be a professional and they install wrong damper type due to lack of knowledge.

More Gap Between the Duct and The Fire Damper

In case, there’s too much gap between the duct and fire damper the fire will be able to get through thereby spreading to the entire house. Too much gap will lead to fire spread no matter if the damper is open or closed. Hence, make sure that you get the fire damper checked by a technician. If the fire dampers are affecting airflow, ask a professional to visit and check if it’s correct or not.

Incorrect Installation

In case, the fire damper isn’t installed correctly, there can be failure at the last moment. Hence, make sure that you hire a professional contractor for installing fire dampers otherwise fire can spread to entire facility.

To conclude, fire dampers will properly work only if they are installed correctly. Make sure that you check the dampers regularly so that if any changes are required, it can be made on time.

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