Switch Up the Fun at the Drop of a Hat

This holiday will be the first time we use our remodeled garage to entertain the many guests who come to our home during the holiday season.  A recent injury ended my husband’s days as a motorcycle rider, and rather than sit and brood about the loss, he decided to turn the garage into a hub for entertaining his friends.  This new man cave, as I call it, has been the talk of the town, and the whole family looks forward to trying out the neat gaming station, keg hub, and snack bar he had built in.  The whole thing opens to our newly designed outdoor living space, so there will be lots of room to seat our guest when it’s time to cheer for our teams during the upcoming sports matches we enjoy.

He’s even gone as far as to have a collection of hats he bought at Lids displayed on the wall.  Using  Groupon codes, he selected tons of stuff from the MLB line up.  They offer deals starting at just $5 per hat.  And there’s more than enough NFL gear from his favorite teams to be displayed.  He’s not a loyal fan of any football team, and has been known to get a big laugh from the crowd when he changes his hat according to who’s ahead during the game.  He will literally switch sides at the drop of a hat.  It’s become a holiday tradition.  But really, who cares…he was in a coma after his accident and I’m lucky he’s alive.  I know it hurt to give up his prized Indian motorcycle he so lovingly restored, and the guys in his club miss him, too.  But the children and I are grateful he’s here to host another holiday gathering.  Switchinginto all the different hats he bought from Lids during the game is so much fun, we sometimes do it, too.

Saving money with Groupon has become another important way we stay on budget during the holidays and all year long.  It’s the first place I search when I start shopping for something to give as a gift, or to enhance our everyday lives.  Most of the décor I bought to redecorate the garage was purchased using Groupons.   I love that there are thousands of retailers who now offer deals though Groupon.  During this holiday season, it should be the first place you search for Lids, too.

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