Benefits of Portable Roadways

Temporary roads are necessary in many different industries, including the oil field, construction, logging, and even movie production. Many of these industries require heavy traffic or heavy machinery in hard-to-access locations in order to complete the job. Unfortunately, many of these locations are environmentally sensitive and could suffer ill effects from this type of traffic. Here are some ways portable roadways can help get the job done without destroying the surrounding and underlying areas.

Environmental Protection

Temporary road mats provide protection for environmentally-sensitive areas like wetlands. The thick timber mats allow even heavy machinery to work in these areas without compromising the sensitive areas. In addition, these mats prevent possible contamination from broken utility lines. The mats make it possible for heavy machinery to drive over buried utilities without breaking lines that could result in contamination.

Traffic Accommodation

These roadways can also be built with different materials to better accommodate different types of traffic. Heavy timber mats can withstand the weight of heavy machinery without splitting and breaking, so that the underlying earth is protected. But, there are also laminated mats that are used to build roadways more suitable for lighter traffic. Laminated mats can provide a stable ground for vehicles less than 100,000 pounds while protecting the surface underneath as well.

Time and Money Savings

A lot of time can be spent grading and building a road suitable for heavy machinery to travel. In many cases, this road won’t be necessary once the project is complete. Mats can save a lot of time and money by reducing the need for road construction to access a work site. Temporary roads also save money when you can avoid replacement costs associated with replanting and reinstalling existing landscape.


Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of portable roadways is how versatile they are. The mats used to build these roadways are made of hardwood, laminated material, or composite materials. This means that they can be used in almost any industry for any purpose. The interlocking mats make it possible for short walkways or long access roadsto be built. You can also create a staging area to improve efficiency without leaving a mark on the environment. These roadways are often more effective than a constructed dirt road because weather won’t affect the integrity of the road. This means that both time and money will be saved over the life of the project.

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