Diagnosing Common Problems with Garage Door Openers

When it comes to maintaining your garage door lift system, it’s important to know what problems you can fix and what problems need professional repair. For resident garage doors in Portsmouth, VA, here are a few common problems that most homeowners experience.

Remote Control

Most garage door remotes use a flat or miniature battery, similar to the kind used in automotive key fobs. These batteries can last for several months to over a year, depending on your usage. If you press the button on your remote and your door doesn’t respond, the battery could be dead. Open the remote carefully using a flathead screwdriver or a quarter to pry it open. Locate and replace the battery and test the device again. If the door still doesn’t respond, it could be an issue with your power source inside the home. Check and reset your breaker panel if any of the fuses have been tripped. If the door still doesn’t respond to the remote, call a professional garage door repairman.

Mounted Keypads

Most lift systems include at least one security keypad. These keypads are wired directly to your lift. If the lift unit is unplugged or the power is tripped, the keypad will be unresponsive. First, check for any loose or frayed wiring leading to the lift unit. If any of the wires are compromised, don’t attempt to restore power to the unit. This is a serious electrical hazard that needs to be evaluated by a trained electrician or garage door repairman. If the wires appear normal, make sure the unit is plugged in and check the breaker, resetting it if needed. If the unit is still unresponsive, it could be a problem with the motor itself.

Stiff Lift Chain

During the colder months, a sudden drop in temperatures can cause your lift to seize. The lubricant on the lift chain is less effective during the winter months, causing the rollers to stiffen and lose their grip. Refer to your manufacturer’s instruction manual for more information on what type of lubricant to use and how to apply it. Avoid this problem by checking your lift chain before the cooler weather hits and applying lubricant on a regular basis.

If you still have problems with your garage door lift, it could be a problem with the lift motor or the internal parts. For this kind of overhead garage door repair, contact a certified garage door repairman.

Summary: When it comes to overhead garage door repair, some problems are easy to fix on your own. Click here for some of the most common, quick-fix problems.

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