How To Choosing The Right Location And Shape Of A Swimming Pool

Swimming pool is one of the best investments in a house. Once installed in the backyard, it provides several years of laughter, enjoyment, and fun for the entire family. Swimming pool comes in variety of different sizes and shapes.

Before installing it in your house, it is important to understand your house requirements well. This will help in selecting the right location and shape of the pool.

Rectangular Swimming Pool

There are several software programs that assist homeowners to formulate plans to build a rectangular pool that suits the landscape and the preferences of family. It is also a good idea to make some rough sketches to consider a few details. These are:


If you want a durable and long-lasting pool that comes in different sizes, then choose a fiberglass pool. If you are looking for a free-form pool, then the best option available is vinyl-lined pools. Vinyl pool is the cheapest whereas concrete pools are the costliest option available.


You need to decide whether you want a pool to be entirely in the sunlight, or to have some shade at any point of the day? Also, consider the area surrounding the pool. Most of the people like to install a pool where there is a little shade. You can go for a table with an umbrella, or consider an arbor or a pergola.

Noise and Privacy

The placement of the pool should be such that both the visitors and bathers will feel comfortable with the noise and the level of privacy. The area surrounding the pool can be landscaped or modified to address the issue. You can even choose a vine-covered fence for better privacy.

Space and Usage

Most of the times, people are seen spending time relaxing by the pool edge than in the water. To offer the best comfort to people, you can even surround the pool with a deck or a patio. This will make them access the pool easily.

Also, it will help in minimizing the level of dirt that would go into the water. You can keep lounge chairs of five to eight feet wide to make it look appealing and classy. BG’s pools and spas bring you the best ways to enhance the comfort level and appearance of your swimming pool.

Types of pool for different purposes

A Shallow Lot

If you plan to use your pool for swimming laps, then go for a long, and straight shape pool. As these pools have got a large shallow region, they are an ideal choice for recreational purposes.

A Square Lot

If you want a swimming pool to look like a visit to a classic resort, then you can add some luxury touches to it in the form of a massage jet, mosaic-tile trim or built-in seats inside the water.


There is no doubt that a swimming pool provides a wonderful and long-lasting impact on the life of a person. These tips will definitely help in making the right decision about the installation of the pool.

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