Different Varieties of Wine Coolers That You Can Buy

If you are wine lover then you must have good storing place for wines. For storing wine at proper temperature, you need right type of wine cooler. You can either prefer to have under counter wine cooler or you can buy free standing type of cooler. However, it is important that you choose right quality of wine cooler. If you want to develop the flavor of your wine and also increase its storage life then wine cooler is the right choice.

There are many different varieties of wine coolers available in the market. You may visit the website and look for the type of wine cooler that you may get from the market. Let us discuss about different types of wine coolers in order to understand the difference between them so that you can decide the type of wine cooler that will be the right choice for you.

  • Free standing or Built in wine cooler

If you choose to buy free standing wine cooler then you are free to keep it in any place in the room. These types of coolers are not under counter type as it can exhaust the heat from the back and therefore if you do not keep its back side sufficiently ventilated then it may get overheated.

Usually these freestanding coolers are very attractively designed so that they’ll look good from every angle you look at it. In order to prevent overheating, you must place these coolers by keeping about 6 inches space between the wall and the cooler so that the heat can properly dissipate in the air.

On the other hand, built in coolers are made in such a way that you can install them within your kitchen cabinet. Here the heat is dissipated from the front and therefore you can place such coolers tightly inside the enclosed areas.

  • Single zone or dual zone wine coolers

In single zone wine cooler, you can set only one temperature zone which is controlled by single thermostat. If you want to store only single color of wine then same temperature zone will be good enough for you.

In dual zone wine cooler there are two separate zones where you can set two different temperature zones by using individual thermostat so that you can store two different colors of wines in two different zones.

  • Thermoelectric or compressor based cooling system

Depending upon the environment where you are going to place your wine cooler, you need to choose suitable cooling system. Thermoelectric cooler is usually very compact as compared to compressor type which are bulkier. Thermoelectric coolers do not create any noise and neither it vibrates and also, they are much energy efficient.

However, their cooling capacity is limited and for larger space they may not be able to give you better cooling. Therefore, if you prefer compact wine cooler to keep few numbers of wine bottles then thermoelectric cooling system is a better choice.

Those who love to collect many different varieties of wines in their cooler may prefer large capacity wine cooler with the compressor cooling system.

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