Moving with Ease and Without the Headaches

You know what a hassle it can be to move. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving a little or a lot, from one side of town to another, or coast-to-coast. Just the thought of having to box everything up, loading it into a vehicle, then reversing the whole process when you get to your destination is enough to make your head hurt. But it doesn’t have to.

If you’re staying local but moving to another part of town, start by searching for local moving services in Virginia Beach, VA. Look at their website to see what services they offer, then determine what services you need.

What Services Do You Need?

The more a moving service does for you, the more you will usually pay – though some may charge less for certain things if they can bundle more services – much like cable companies and other businesses that offer multiples products or services. So, determine before you start calling places what you really need.

  • Do you want to do your own packing and unpacking, or do you want someone else to do it?
  • If doing it yourself, do you have the necessary packing supplies and enough boxes for all your things?
  • Do you have things that are fragile and need extra care – things like fine art, antiques, high-end electronics, maybe even a pool table, piano, or hot tub?
  • Likewise, do you have high-value appliances or extra-large and other fragile items?
  • Some people may want a company to merely pack their items because that can often take the longest and be the most involved of the moving process. But you want to do the actual moving and unloading/unpacking yourself. Ask if the company will do that.

Getting an Estimate and Other Moving Company Tips

  • When you pick a local moving company in Virginia Beach, Virginia, get a written estimate for everything you want them to do. Understand, however, that is only an estimate and the actual price could be more when the job is finished. It may take them longer than anticipated to pack things, or you may think of other things for them to pack or do for you once they’re there and start packing. The final bill could also be less, but if you figure on it being higher and plan accordingly, you will ensure you have enough to cover the final bill.
  • Make sure there are no hidden charges.
  • Make sure the company is licensed, insured and bonded.
  • Ask how they settle issues or claims, should they arise.
  • Being locally owned and operated can be a plus when selecting a mover.
  • Find out how long they’ve been in business.

There are many local moving services in Virginia Beach, VA. Do your homework and pick the one that feels right and offers the most comprehensive services.

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