Protect Your Products with a Custom Wine Cellar

As a wine enthusiast, you probably know how important it is to keep your inventory in a temperature-controlled environment. This can be accomplished by storing the wine in underground cellars and regularly monitoring the temperature and humidity. Whether your home is equipped with a cellar or you are turning to professionals to create a custom wine cellar in Los Angeles, CA, you should know that wine can easily spoil if it is not maintained properly. Before enhancing your own personal inventory, be sure you understand what is needed to guarantee the safety and longevity of the product.

How to Store Wine

First and foremost, wine must be stored in the dark. Keep all wine away from direct sunlight and all fluorescent fixtures. Wine can begin to exhibit unpleasant smells when exposed to UV lights even when stored in dark bottles. You can decrease the risks of your wine becoming light struck by wrapping the bottles in cloth. You should also know that it is best to lay corked wine bottles on their sides. When stored upright for too long, the corks themselves can dry out and air will seep into the wine bottle, which leads to spoiling. Next, be sure to maintain a consistent temperature in the cellar or storage area. Even underground cellars cannot keep temperatures cool enough to preserve wine for long periods of time, so a refrigeration system is a must. Once the wine is in storage, avoid moving the bottles if possible. Vibrations from motors, generators, and even heavy traffic can negatively impact the quality of the wine. Humidity also plays a large role in the storage of wine. Humidity should remain a constant 70% in the cellar. This prevents corks from drying out and minimizes overall evaporation. Humidity over 70% can result in mold growth and can cause the labels on your bottles to loosen over time. Finally, you should know how long each bottle should be stored for. Excess or inadequate aging of the wine can affect its taste.

Cellar Varieties

Now that you’ve decided on a custom wine cellar for your home, you must decide what style. wine cellar design orange county ca come in a variety of options such as traditional, modern, glass-enclosed, and commercial grade. Designing your dream cellar begins by meeting with professionals who will create the best wine storage solution for your home. From lighting and climate control to refrigeration and style, no detail will be left to chance. When your project is completed, you can rest assured that your wine collection will be protected for decades to come.

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