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Things you Need to Look While Buying Vintage Light Collection for your Home Decor

When you plan the interiors for your house, you try to prepare it as per your choice. Some like trendy colours with bright light, but some prefer subtle and sober interior. Another kind of interior that is a lot famous nowadays is vintage or antique style decor. Vintage decor includes antique wooden and metal furniture, antique wall hangings and paintings as well as antique style of lighting. Even if you cannot afford antique pieces for your entire room, installing vintage lights gives the same feeling that you’ve been looking for.

Vintage lights look unique and made from wound filament bulbs. Such lights are identified with their complicated and long windings of filament fixed internally. They also produce warm yellow lights. Now there are LED bulbs which can also be fixed, but most of the lights glow yellow in colour. They really look fabulous and increase the beauty of your house.

Whether you select a table lamp or classic pendant of mid century, vintage lighting can add beauty of any era that you wish in your room to be. It always becomes a trouble to select the right kind of lamp or pendant when you’re in an antique market. Of course there are reliable stores that handle such masterpieces. However, there can be slightest mistakes that can make you frustrated after you install it at home.

Here are some basic tips which will help you make your selection –

  • Your motive to buy antique lights should be clear. If it is for investment or collection purpose, then you should get it from a reputable store, but if it is for decorative purpose, then you can always stick to online shopping or auctions where you might get something in reasonable price.
  • If you’ve got it from a retailer, there is still no harm in getting second opinion from someone who has an idea about material, time period and maker of the lights. Second opinion will always help you preparing insurance for your product.
  • After you have purchased your favourite lights, you should always take it to an electrician who will inspect it to be sure that the item is good, in terms of circuit and wires. Often it is seen that an old electric item isn’t compatible with today’s wiring and there can be chances of short circuit.
  • The bulb holders in vintage lights are different from those of today’s bulbs hence you need to find from the electrician about the bulbs and their watt, that would fit in.
  • Also before buying an antique light, ensure that you search for a retailer who provides antique spare parts, because there can be occasions where you might need a glass piece for your chandelier or a bulb holder for your table lamp.
  • Since they are old, their material has by now become delicate and can break in to brittle pieces, therefore when you purchase it from a retailer, do remember to ask them for a solution and the procedure to maintain cleanliness and shine on it for a long time.

You should always take an idea about a piece online. There will be hundreds of retailers that will give you their best price deal. Even if you get a renowned retailer, there will be customers who would provide with correct feedback.

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