Different Types of Carpet Stains and How to Remove them?

We are well aware about home accidents that usually occurs and ruins the carpet. However, most of us panic and start scrubbing which will not solve the problem. Sometimes, even we place furniture over it. Well, there is a better way to solve this problem. All you need to do is read the article and understand the underlying issues.

Coffee and tea stains

There are times when we sit on our carpet and enjoy our coffee or even work on some assignments. Coffee or tea may spill over leaving your carpet dirty and spoil the look of the interiors. Instead of reacting, respond to it and take a better approach. Understand how deep the stain is and how it can be cleaned.

Pet urine

This problem is recurrent and it is being faced by most of the homeowners in Australia. Once the pet has marked the place they tend to urinate at the same spot frequently as the area will have odor. You can yourself treat the area with carpet cleaning solutions that you will get in a retail shelf but it is best to get a professional help because they will understand the degree of damage and then treat it accordingly.

Body fluids

This is very common in households that have small kids. Vomit and urine are the most common problem that you can face. Also, sometimes blood can also stain the carpet. Get rid of carpet stains immediately by using a damp cloth, but it is best you get an expert to clean it for you.

Everyday use

Soiling is the most common problem that you cannot avoid even if you are extra cautious. Residue and dirt will have built up from time to time. The best measure that you can take it to clean it whenever you get time. However, it is suggested that you must take expert guidance at certain interval of time to help you clean the carpet in the best possible way.

Red wine

This is one of the stubborn marks that you can get on your carpet. Mostly this happens while there is a house party and someone spills red wine over your carpet. Moreover, the alcohol content in the wine makes the soft brittles of the carpet hard. Therefore, if you jump to scrub it in order to clean it, you may end up getting the carpet worse.


Wicking is reappearing of certain stains. It is a common problem when you use a carpet for a longer period of time. While the stain may not be visible when the carpet is dry, you can see it when you steam the carpet. This is because the stain has got to the pad and the under pad. Therefore, the problem is little tricky and you need to treat the underlying layers as well.


Professional carpet services and solutions are affordable when bought as a package. You can get a good deal if you book it for 6 months to 1 year.

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