Few Anxiety Busters to Make You More Creative and Productive

Reading anti-anxiety advice is not sufficient. You need to act to feel more relaxed, so as to sleep peacefully at night and put energy in things that matter most. Some of the anxiety-busters given below will help you to become more creative and productive.

Start breathing deep

Focus on slow belly breathing to calm your mind and body. Belly breathing can be conducted anywhere and is easy to do. Sit with closed eyes and focus on breathing. Breathe through nostrils without trying to control and sense it entering and leaving. One hand should be put on your belly, while other on the chest. Breathe deeply till count of four, hold breath till count of three and exhale it till count of four. On inhalation your belly goes out and chest remains still.

Concentrate on this breathing and forget everything. Resist temptations to pursue different thoughts and in case mind wanders then immediately pull it towards breathing. You can repeat this belly breathing exercise for as long as your mind settles on breathing. Doing this daily will make you relax quickly.


Calmness occurs when your mind is at rest. Starting the day with 10 minutes solitude as well as positive energy is a gift to yourself. Meditation is a great anxiety reducer and helps to focus better on work and maintain calmness all day as well as enjoy good night rest. Meditation can be done anywhere or anytime.

For example, you can do it on a Zero Gravity Zen bag seat. This bean bag seat design is aimed to cradle your whole body in a comfortable and relaxed position. Your back gets reclined and legs gets raised above the heart. In comparison to traditional mediation cushion or bean bag you will find Zero Gravity Zen bag more comfortable and effective to enjoy Zen comfort.

Mantra meditation will help you relax because mantra repetition will replace busy thoughts and shut outer world. Visualization, Progressive muscle relaxation, Yoga, etc. can help you to meditate for physical and mental serenity and peace.

De-clutter home and life

Clutter is a symptom of stress and also causes stress. De-clutter home and life. Make yourself productive at home and organize things, which is very challenging but you need to start. Try doing interesting things, so as to eliminate distractions.

If meditation does not work in silencing the mental noises then keep a daily diary to jot your thoughts. Digital noise can also affect your life, so eliminate negative contacts and feeds to create positive energy flow in life.  Keep yourself motivated with a do-list, which includes small doable tasks.

Care for yourself

Reduce social commitments and workplace overtime to give yourself time to get pampered. Get a manicure, pedicure, haircut or massage. Feel confident with a stylish, well-groomed, and sexy look. It does not matter if you visit a pricey 5-star salon or a budget quality service.

Plan a weekend vacation

Time spent in nature gives mental and physical peace much needed from hustle and bustle of daily routines. A weekend with your loved ones can be made memorable adding adventurous sports activities. It will help to get rid of all the personal and social burdens. You can get energized from this needed break and return home feeling all charged and excited.

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