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How to Make Your Bathroom More Disability Friendly?

If you have people with disabilities living in your home, it’s important to make sure the bathroom is safe for them to use. Fortunately, from installing a walk in tub to regularly cleaning it, there are many ways you can make your bathroom more disability friendly. Below, are a few ways you can make this area of your home ideal for anyone, even with a disability.

Install a Walk In Tub

If you own a normal tub, it’s worth getting a walk in tub installed instead. Whether you have elderly people living in your home or someone with a walking disability, owning a walk in tub makes getting themselves clean much easier. Although walk in tub costs might be significant, it’s well worth the investment, depending on how many people with disabilities live in your home.

Install Durable Handrails

Another way you can make your bedroom more disability friendly is to install handrails. Although this may not look like the most fashionable in your bathroom, they’re essential to have if there are people that live in your home with issues walking. You should even consider installing handrails in your walk in tub if there aren’t already rails. However, do keep in mind, you might have to hire a professional to install handrails in your home, depending on which type you order for your bathroom.

Place Non-Slip Rugs on the Floor

You should also plan on placing non-slip rugs on the floor of your bathroom. Fortunately, non-slip rugs are pretty inexpensive and can prevent slipping of any kind in your bathroom. Especially after a shower when the floor is wet, having non-slip rugs placed on the floor can make the bathroom a much safer place for a person with disabilities.

Keep it Clean

Although this doesn’t directly relate to somebody with disabilities, you should always keep your bathroom clean.  Not cleaning up a wet floor or avoiding wiping up the sink can lead to injuries and damage to the bathroom itself. Plus, keeping your bathroom clean will make you look like a better host to your guests. Fortunately, all you need to keep your bathroom clean is an all-purpose cleaner and a handful of paper towels.

There are many ways you can make your bathroom more disability friendly, from taking on walk in tubs cost to keeping your bathroom clean regularly. Hopefully, by reading through these suggestions, you can make your bathroom a lot safer to use, no matter who’s in your home. Start making your home more disability friendly today!

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