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Various Approaches of Preventing Mold from Growing In Your Home

Molds are types of fundus that naturally occur and grow in many places including inside the house. However, they pose a health risk and negatively impact air quality inside the house. Therefore, preventing mold in house is a vital thing for the health and safety of your family, especially children. It should be relieving to know that you removing molds is quite a simple undertaking. The key thing is reducing and controlling moisture and humidity in your house. The following are simple approaches to prevent mold from growing inside your house.

Keep an eye on the humidity levels

Molds grows where there is moisture. This means keeping your house dry in one of the greatest ways of preventing growth and propagation of molds. It is in order to install a hygrometer in your home because it will help measure moisture levels inside. Typically, it is prudent to manage the humidity levels below 60 percent.

Use exhaust fans and vents

Exhaust vents are very important in your house including the kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas. In the kitchen, you can turn on the exhaust fans anytime you cook. Moreover, if you happen to have an exhaust fan in the bathroom, you can turn it on during bathing. In the laundry area, it would be prudent to ensure that the drier is vented to the outside. Checking that your crawl space and basement are properly ventilated. If air is not circulating as may be desired, the solution is installing vents and fans. According to mold remediation Tampa tips readily available on our website, you should ensure exhaust fans and vents to be installed by professionals.

Open windows when bathing

The best way to control molds inside the bathroom is opening the bathroom window to vent out the moisture. This is a clear indication that you should have a window inside your bathroom. Preferably, you can also leave the bathroom door open when you finish bathing.

Let in the sun

Molds grow best in dark areas. Allowing natural light into your house can prevent molds from growing, especially in areas where the sunlight can get. You can open all the curtains during the day to allow natural light to penetrate into every possible corner of your house. Most notably, the heat from the sun will also dry up any accumulated moisture in the house. Nevertheless, opening windows and curtains may not be practical during winter because you will be allowing too much air and moisture.

Do not ignore damp clothes

When you are doing laundry, avoid leaving wet clothes to sit in the washing machine. By doing so, you will be giving molds a very good environment to grow and develop. Moreover, you should not leave wet clothes hanging around the laundry area since you will be only adding moisture in the room hence adding more favorable conditions for molds to grow. Instead, take the wet clothes to the drier or the line.


Controlling molds in as easy as demonstrated in the above solutions. Even as there may be other viable solutions, the solutions above can be of great importance.

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