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How Sewer Pipe Lining Is Done

When a section of your sewer system destroyed, the old way of doing things needs that the full system is dug up and then a new system installed. Today, one does not have to go through that extremely lengthy and costly approach because pipe lining has evolved to offer a cheaper and easier way to sort out sewer line issues.

How can this be done? The following general steps are used to get your system work again, at a fraction of the cost of the traditional way.

Sewer camera inspection

Before any sewer works can start, the primary thing done is to know what actually the plumbers are up against. Using CCTV technology, our team will inspect the full line in order know where actually the issue is and the cause of that damage.

The issue may for instance be caused by a root of a tree that forces its way via the pipe and cause it to burst or get stooped at that point.

When the cause of the issue has been identified, it is simple to plan how the issue will be addressed so a real solution becomes possible.

Get rid of the cause of the issue

Before corrective action is taken, the plumbing team first does away with the main cause of the issue. In the earlier example the team would have to come up with a way to get rid of the offending party, the tree root.

Each cause generally needs a unique approach to address it so once the check reveals what caused the blockage or damage to the pipe, then right tools will be used to remove of that issue.

Pipe lining

Once the issue has been diagnosed and cause get rid of, the next step is to repair the problem. In this case, the old pipe is lined with an epoxy pipe that will work within the old pipe.

There are extremely many positives to this technique besides avoiding the wide digging up that must be done in order to change the full pipe system with a new one. Other advantages contain decreasing the chances of further damage from tree roots since they cannot get at the inner pipe since the offending party will have been removed and also because the fresh pipe is protected by the old one.


There is a lot of issue linked with digging up your property. The landscaping gets messed up and you pay too much to sort the piping issue.  Sewer pipe lining is therefore a best approach when looked at form several angles.

You should take quotes from several firms so that you get a right guess of the cost of the sewer pipe lining. The quotes should have an itemized statement that breaks down each of the thing that will be performed, combine with their cost, as well as the mark up for the contractor. When you take this approach you will be sure to get worth for money.

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