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4 Pests That Favor Florida Homes

Homeowners all over the world have pest problems. However, different countries and climates have different pests. Home pest control in St. Augustine, Florida knows the most common pests and how to get rid of them from your home. Here are the four most common pests that bother home-owners in this region of Florida. Don’t hesitate to call a pest control professionals if you determine your property has an infestation.


Ants may be the smallest pest in your home, but they can be the most annoying. Whenever you see an ant, you know there are more behind. Ant colonies are common throughout Florida, taking up residence both inside and outside of homes. Keep an eye out for damaged landscaping or ants surrounding crumbs or pet food if you suspect these pets have taken a liking to your house.


Unfortunately, cockroaches just love the climate of Florida. The tropical weather creates a dampness that these pests love to live in. They often chew on damp paper products like books or envelopes. Cockroaches also have a very prominent smell, like mold or mildew. If you think your house has cockroaches, let your nose help you confirm and reach out for home pest control in St. Augustine right away.


While ants and cockroaches don’t bother too much with your home’s inhabitants, mosquitoes do. These pests bite residents and guests, leaving them with itchy bumps all over their bodies. The abundance of water in Florida attracts mosquitoes. If you want proof beyond bites that you have a mosquito pest problem, check for large groups of them in or near standing water.

Mice or Rats

Bigger and more difficult to get rid of, mice and rats can warrant immediate home pest defense in St. Augustine. Tiny black droppings can be the signal to look for an infestation. Mice, brown and black rats are all common in this area of Florida. Beyond droppings, look for damage to food boxes, wires, and cords.

You don’t have to try and get rid of pests on your own. In fact, even if you just have a feeling that you have a pest problem, home pest control in St. Augustine can be of assistance. A team of professionals can confirm an infestation as well as provide a solution that rids your home of these pests. Calling sooner rather than later is key to controlling the infestation and ensuring it does not spread or cause major damage.

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