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Few Approved Bohemian Upgrade Ideas for Your Staircase

If you consider few high traffic areas of your home, then staircases can certainly be one of them, however usually we forget to consider about any designing of this portion of our house.  As a matter of fact, by using any good design on this spot of your home, you can create a very good first impression of the house. So how should you go about designing this area?

If you consider using bohemian rugs for your staircases, then there are a number of good ideas that can be implemented if you have a taste for décor. There are number of killer ideas available to decorate your staircases. Let us discuss few of them in this short write up.

  • Select some pattern of the rugs

You can consider few eye-catching bohemian colors with equally eye-catching patterns for your staircase. All that depends on your imagination how you can blend the color of the rugs with the color of the wall and balance the decoration like any professional decorator. You can check various colors and patterns available before you decide to buy the rugs.

  • Select suitable Palette

The most difficult part of the design is to find suitable runner option for the design. It is necessary that your runners must complement each other and you should also make every effort not to defeat your purpose. To start with, decide what should be the style of rug that you want to choose for your project. Besides looking for collection of Persian rugs, you can also choose many other designs too. You can settle for general color palette and narrow down your choice and make sure that they are visually matched with each other.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that your runners must be of almost same width for most of the length. You may also refer any standard design book for getting some new ideas too.

  • Persian Zanjan rug

This is another rug which is comprised of graphic composite of few deep colors and with a contrasting cream background, which can also be a very good choice in case you want to give dynamic finish to your staircase. Try to pair it with saturated option of rugs with almost similar colors and shapes however the proportion of color must be varying.

  • Vintage colorful kilim

This is yet another vibrant option which may not be the typical blue, red and black mix, but with certain unexpected dose of colors like brown or something very similar and that looks like dreamy color.

  • Lauren vintage rug runner

If you are looking for such vintage rug from online source then you can choose Etsy, which is one of the best places. You can get few styles of wool rug from the days of 1930s.

  • Vintage Turkish rug

If many other options do not match with your ideas then may be this idea can meet your choice. There are few color combinations available that can give you perfect choice.

  • Vintage Oushak

You will be quite tempted to pick this style and admire its look every time you pass through your staircase.

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