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Select the Right Kind of Siding to Protect your House from Unstable Environment

Home siding is a protective covering of material on the exterior wall of any building. It is also known as wall cladding that is the first covering of the wall which protects the building from heat, cold, rain, sun, thunder and creates a comfortable place for all those who stay inside the premise. There is variety of sidings available in the market which will not only protect your walls, but also beautify the building. Many sidings include materials that are weather resistant, but are smaller compared to the walls so that they can contract and expand during temperature variation.

New Richmond experiences maximum seasonal variation around the year. As per records, the town in St. Croix County in Wisconsin experiences 191 days of broad sunny days which can go to the extreme of 81 degrees in July. During winter, the city experiences 45 inches of thick snow and it is 32 inches of heavy rainfall as well during monsoon. When the weather changes unexpectedly and becomes harsh, then your house has to undergo a lot of wear and tear. This can damage the walls hence, to protect them for long years you can cover them with wall cladding.

To get best deals you can search online for New Richmond siding stores and surely there will be list of stores that can provide you various options at reasonable rate. Here are different types of wall sidings available to make choices –

  • Vinyl siding is reasonable and requires low maintenance because it is prepared of PVC which can be colored with any paint. They are nailed so that it can swing, expand and contract during summer and winter.
  • Wood siding is good for traditional and aesthetic look, but it gets warped and rotten easily thus, priming is suggested by contractors with annual painting to maintain its longevity.
  • Fiber cement is good choice for New Richmond where temperature drops instantly after snow fall. At least fiber cement doesn’t turn brittle in cold temperature.
  • Aluminum siding is perfect for houses where insects and water infiltration is maximum. Instead of wasting money on wood siding which catches termites and mold every year during humidity, you can save expenses by purchasing aluminum siding beforehand.
  • Brick siding can last for decades because it is made with fiery clay which can burn, but not rot in monsoon or summer and winter. However, maintenance of brick siding would require filling of gaps between bricks by sand, lime, cement and water to avoid any seepage or cracks.
  • Stucco is fine plaster which is generally used inside the house to decorate a certain wall, but it can also be used as siding due to its smooth as well as rough texture. However, stucco siding should be water tight otherwise, if water penetrates within, then it can separate stucco from the original wall and fall like small flakes.
  • Glass stone siding is an expensive product which is used since decades. Artificial stones that are lighter in weight are set on mortar, and then laid on wall sheathing.

Once you reach a store you might find some latest options as well. With changing time style changes as well. Hence, explore wisely before choosing.

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