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Should I Rekey or Replace My Lock?

There are several reasons why homeowners may need to alter their front door entry locking mechanism, but it ultimately comes down to safety precautions. Many homeowners think the only way to do so is to change their locks completely. They’ve never heard of the concept of rekeying. There’s nothing wrong with choosing to replace a lock, but it’s not the only option.

Sometimes rekeying becomes the better option than a full lock replacement. It depends on your specific needs. Ask yourself if you’re thoroughly pleased with your brand of locks. Perhaps you want to replace them for security purposes or want to upgrade. Did you recently lose a set of keys? Did you move into a new house recently? Did your home get broken into recently? Of course, it may also depend on how much you’re willing to spend. To get a better idea of what’s right for you, talk to your locksmith in Concord, CA.


Rekeying means that a locksmith readjusts the internal mechanisms of the lock so that a different key will work for it. So, instead of replacing the lock, you replace the key to fit the rearranged existing lock. The locksmith will remove the lock and manipulate its cylinder and its internal pins. These pins are set up in a way to correspond to a specific key. Once they become rearranged, you’ll require a new key.

When rekeying a lock, you’ll have an increased sense of security because it nullifies the use of any keys you might have lost or anyone with copies. It’s also a quick and easy job for a Concord, CA, locksmith service to complete. You’ll also be surprised its cost-effectiveness compared to changing a lock. The only downside is that because you’re using the same lock, you’ll have limited security upgrade features.

Lock Replacing

Replacing a lock is rather self-explanatory and commonly understood. You’re changing the entire body of the lock altogether. Though it does come with benefits, it’s a more expensive process. But at least you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to something more secure and durable if you wish. Keep in mind any budgetary concerns and lock features you might want. Of course, you’ll still need new keys for this lock anyway.

Paying for parts and labor is what winds up making this option costlier. The new lockset alone will be more than what it would cost to replace the pins in your current lock when rekeying. However, with a new lock comes customization options, which means longer screws, additional security, pins, and choosing the look and feel. And purchasing a new lock means you can upgrade to a smart lock if you wish.

There’s no wrong solution, only a matter of choice. Consult with your locksmith in Concord, CA, for more information on rekeying or replacing your lock.

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