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Make Your Lawn the Envy of the Neighborhood

The first impression of your home or your office building isn’t when the visitor or client opens the door. It begins at the driveway, when they witness the lawn and landscaping for the first time. The Georgia climate offers challenges to creating and maintaining a good lawn and native plantings, so it’s best to search for a company with years of local experience when shopping for lawn care services in Atlanta and the nearby areas.

What to Look For

  • Find a locally-owned company that uses agronomic practices in its approach, which combines native plants with safe and effective compounds to combat weed growth, diseases and pest control.
  • Even if you choose a nationally-known company, make certain the local dealer has years of experience in the area, since they will know what grows best in the harsh Atlanta climate.
  • Ask for proof that the company has been certified by the state and who offers on-going training for their employees.
  • Make certain to get a lawn care program specifically tailored to the needs of your area. You want a personalized program that will spell out a recommended program based on your existing conditions such as the amount of sun and shade your lawn gets, what kind of watering system you use, and what type of soil you have. The program should combine a weed controlling agent, nutrients, and a high grade grass seed and the treatment should be fully guaranteed.
  • A lawn care program shouldn’t stop once the ground is planted. A good lawn care service will monitor the plantings during each scheduled maintenance visit and will retreat if necessary.
  • Look for a company who offers a wide range of services and who can customize a treatment program to your specific lawn needs.

What Else Should Be Considered

You want to work with a company who is willing to work with you to develop an approach that makes the most of your soil, your existing plants, your mowing and watering schedule, and with a nod to the Georgia climate. Whether you want to develop a lush lawn for your kids to run barefoot in while playing, or if you want to create really good curb appeal when your home goes up for sale, you want to work with an industry leader when choosing lawn care services in Atlanta

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