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Some of The Designer Wall Treatments Can Offer Different Looks to Interiors

Gone are the days, when people decorated their walls with choicest wall papers to give a total facelift to the walls. Nowadays, the option of designer wall painting can offer much better look and give you an opportunity to use your imagination and creativity. You can transform the space dramatically by either choosing any historical scene sleek eye-catching design as per your choice.

Mentioned below are few ideas that you can choose for your wall treatment. You can also contact Janovic NYC for providing such wall painting services.


This is the quickest way to give a facelift to the wall of your rooms by choosing your favorite color. You can also make different kinds of visual effects by either using any strips or lining. Benefit of painting is that if you are bored with the same look for many years, you can choose to use different colors or designs as per your latest liking.


Wallpaper options can offer you to choose different kinds of graphics or any romantic floral or artistic designs etc. You can use your imagination by decorating only a small portion of the wall with a dramatic printing.


There can be different choices of fabric like silk, linen or grass cloth and every choice has its own beauty. You can immediately change the look of the room. There is another hidden benefit of choosing this option, if you use batting or padding too. This will reduce the ambient noise between the rooms.

Wood Paneling

By using wood paneling you can also increase the warmth of the room and there can be a number of traditional as well as contemporary designs available to choose. Depending upon the available space, size and staining you can select the design for wood paneling.


Molding can make a huge difference in the shape of the room. You can create a crown molding in your living room or if you prefer then apply panel molding and give it a traditional look.


There can be a number of options that you can consider by using plastering. There are different kinds of textures meant for rooms of different dimensions. You can break the monotony of your eyes by choosing some unique plaster.

Decorative Painting

Nowadays this is becoming a very popular choice for most of the modern homes. You can create different kind of landscape or create a certain scenery in the room which can give an ambiance similar to a particular iconic location. There are many different eye-catching designs to create such decorative paintings.


You can always make your room look bigger by incorporating large mirror in the room wall. This will create an illusion as if you have got much larger space in the room.


Tiles can surely increase the appeal of the wall and it is one of the most preferred option for any kitchen or bathroom. There are so many design options available to choose the tile.

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