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The Sleek Look of Modern Furniture Blends with Any Decor

Today’s most memorable homes are a unique blend of furniture styles, mixing eras and types of wood. No longer do you need to strive for matching pieces in each room of the house. In fact, it’s best not to do so, since a lively mix of styles is inevitable over the years. Your grandfather’s tall, freestanding pendulum clock, which you’ve inherited, needs to take center stage in your living room, but, with a little effort on your part, it can stand next to a modern chair without looking out of place. Today’s modern, classically designed chairs provide a perfect complement to the treasures you’ve collected or inherited over the years. There is a wide variety of modern-looking furniture available today, and there are pros and cons to each brand and style. Choose carefully when researching and looking for the best modern lounge chairs in order to get the best one for your needs.

What to Look For

You want a well-crafted chair, preferably made in the United States using mortise and tenon construction for durability. The wood should be kiln dried ash or maple, since they are the strongest types of wood. Choose either leather cushions or Belgian linen, but if you choose a fabric cushion, make certain it’s been coated with teflon for stain resistance. The cushions should be filled with a down and fiber blend for durability, lasting comfort and luxury. You also want to be able to make the chair function for you and your home by adding some extra touches.

Make It Custom

Many furniture makers today offer a variety of ways to customize your furniture and make it unique to your own tastes. Above and beyond picking the type of fabric used and the color of cushions, you can pick the finish of the wood to be either dark or light. You can even have the wood painted white or gray, if that suits. Side panels can dress up your chair, ranging from embossed leather to PVC pipe to a myriad of laser-cut wood designs. Depending on the look you’re going for, quirky modern or stately leather, it can be yours. And, if your tastes change over the years, the panels can be removed or changed out for an entirely new and updated look. Look for flexibility when choosing the best modern lounge chairs.

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