Take Your Pool to the Next Level with These Add-ons

Having the latest in pool designs in Atlanta can be a significant advantage to your property. Pretty soon you’ll be the most popular family in town because of your amazing swimming pool. If you’re worried about the cost of all the bells and whistles that come with a pool, worry no more. Here are some add-ons that will take your pool to the next level without breaking the bank.

Cascading Waterfall

Cascades and small waterfalls don’t have to cost a lot. With the average price of a cascade being just $1,000, these can be a great addition to your pool. The sound of the waterfall will add ambient sound and it’s just subtle enough to not be intrusive. Cascades can be built into retaining walls or layered stone walls for a more natural earthy look.

Poolside Planters

Plants tend to make anything look more alive and brighter. Incorporate some planters around your pool to lend color to the scene. You could also put landscaping patches right up next to the pool and plant trees for additional shade or larger plants to add a unique touch to your pool area.

Waterline Tile

If you have a concrete pool, then waterline tile—a tile border around the perimeter of the pool at the surface of the water—is necessary. Many homeowners are opting for waterline tile as a visual aesthetic to fiberglass structured pools as well.

Pool Jets

If your pool setup is complete with a hot tub, then you may already have jets in the tub. However, more and more pool owners are having pool jets installed. When they aren’t turned on, they look like regular returns. When the jets are running, however, they add a nice visual and audible aesthetic to your pool. Unlike many other pool add-ons that you can choose from, pool jets need to be installed during initial pool installation and cannot be added later. If you haven’t started your pool construction yet, now is the time to talk to your pool company about jets.

These simple add-ons vary in price but for those on a budget, any one of them can greatly improve the environment in your pool and make it that much more enjoyable. For the very best pool designs in Atlanta, call Hilltop Pools and Spas today. They can help you create a private oasis or a backyard bungalow that will be the envy of your whole town.

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