Why Should You Use a Electric Pool Heater for Your Swimming Pool?

One of the mostly used devices for keeping swimming pool water warm in the winter season in Phoenix is electric pool heater. This is also called heat pump, and this electric pool heater can warm up your swimming pool by sucking water into one heating tank and after that pumping this warm water back to the pool. This constant exchange of cold and warm water will keep your swimming pool perfectly fit for swimming, during the winter season too. Here are few good reasons for using electric pool heater.

  1. Availability and price

Like solar heater or any propane gas-powered heaters, these Phoenix electric pool heaters are readily available anywhere in the market. It is very easy to find a reliable pool heater at a reasonable price. Their prices however may vary based on their capacity, size and other special features. Any reliable pool heater may cost around $500 to $1,000 and at this price, such electric heater will be lot cheaper as compared to solar powered heater. Also, note that any kind of solar-powered heaters will need very complicated set up, which may cost you lot of money.

2. Energy efficiency

This kind of swimming pool heating system can be much more efficient and reliable as compared to other types of heating systems for swimming pools. Though electric heaters can be little expensive than gas-powered heaters, it will consume much less energy as compared to gas powered type. Therefore, you will end up spending far less money for your energy bills. Your electric heater for pool will cost you far less than any propane gas-powered heaters. Also, an electric heater will not emit CO₂ like any gas-powered heater, hence you can reduce carbon content in the air.

As compared to any solar powered heater, these electric pool heaters may be little less energy efficient, but during the winter season when the sun will hardly appear most of the time, hence your solar powered heater will not be a better option. Finally, you will conclude that electric powered heaters for swimming pools are much better than any solar pool heater.

3. Safe use

Any correctly installed electric heater for swimming pool can be much safer to use and hence you can freely use swimming pool at any time you wish without any worry. In order to ensure further safety, you may also incorporate an auto shut-off facility and any digitally programmable thermostat on the pool, so that you can keep track of temperature of pool water. As the pool water reaches to your desired temperature level, the pool heater will shut down automatically and thus you can save some money too on your energy bill.

4. Durability

Though electric-powered heaters for pool may not last as long as solar powered heaters, still they are much more durable than traditional gas-powered heaters for pool. If you maintain them properly, then you can expect them to last for nearly 10 – 15 years without any replacement. On the other hand, any propane gas-powered heaters may last only for 5 years.

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