Useful Tips To Keep Your Fish Tank Filter In The Best Condition

Improper aquarium water filters can lead to nitrite and ammonia in the aquarium water that can both be toxic to fishes. Thus, keeping it maintained is very much essential for the good health of fishes. Let us learn more about the ways to keep the filter in the best running condition.

What should be the ideal frequency of cleaning an aquarium filter?

If you are having a large tank, a large fish tank filter, and less fishes, then you would not need to clean it quite frequently. If you have a large filter, a lot of large messy fish and a large tank would need regular cleaning. You have to watch for water tests and keep the water flow rate under check.

If you notice that the flow of water starts to reduce, then it is an indication that you need to clean the filter. If you find that the results obtained after the water test show nitrite or ammonia, then you must check whether the aquarium filter is functioning properly or not.

If you have an external filter, then you would need very less maintenance as compared to internal filters. This is because of the large size of external filters that can easily run for a long time without requiring maintenance.

Tips to maintain your filter efficiently

There are a few tips that will assist in keeping your water filter in the best running condition.

  1. Check the condition of your water filter regularly
  2. Keep the inlet of filter completely free of debris
  3. Clean the filter in tap water to destroy the good bacteria that you have nurtured carefully
  4. Perform visual checks daily by looking at the water movement. Find out if the plants are also moving in the water flow. Check if there is anything that has got clogged like debris or algae in the fittings and pipes of the filter.
  5. Perform weekly supervision and maintenance of the condition of the aquarium filter. You must check the flow of water from the filter every week.
  6. Clean the inlet of debris and grot to ensure that water can flow easily into the filter. A light brushing around the outside surface of the filter would be sufficient for its normal maintenance.
  7. Also, you need to ensure the outside surface of the container for any indication of leakages such as watermarks or drips, or any sort of dampness present in the cupboard.

Things that you would need to clean the aquarium filter

You would need the following things to clean your aquarium filter.

  1. The right choice of brushes to get into the corners and nooks of the filter and inlets and outlets.
  2. Get a good supply of tea towels and old towels at hand
  3. Use a small sized sponge, brush, or filter floss to efficiently clean the impeller, and filter housing.

Conclusion All the above-mentioned tips will get you the best benefits from your filter for many years to come.

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