Pest Control Options for Your Home

If you have insects, rodents, or other pets invading your home, then you know how unpleasant it can be. It can also be unsanitary, which is especially a concern if you have children in your house. You have a few options to get rid of them, from old fashioned spring traps to heat treatment for […]


Benefits of Portable Roadways

Temporary roads are necessary in many different industries, including the oil field, construction, logging, and even movie production. Many of these industries require heavy traffic or heavy machinery in hard-to-access locations in order to complete the job. Unfortunately, many of these locations are environmentally sensitive and could suffer ill effects from this type of traffic. […]


Diagnosing Common Problems with Garage Door Openers

When it comes to maintaining your garage door lift system, it’s important to know what problems you can fix and what problems need professional repair. For resident garage doors in Portsmouth, VA, here are a few common problems that most homeowners experience. Remote Control Most garage door remotes use a flat or miniature battery, similar […]


Why Concrete Wet Curing Blankets Are Important

It’s essential for concrete to cure properly in order for it to have the right strength and durability. Curing concrete during the winter can become complicated because the drop-in temperature makes it difficult for the right chemical reactions to occur that are needed for proper curing. Fortunately, concrete wet curing blankets make it possible for […]


Switch Up the Fun at the Drop of a Hat

This holiday will be the first time we use our remodeled garage to entertain the many guests who come to our home during the holiday season.  A recent injury ended my husband’s days as a motorcycle rider, and rather than sit and brood about the loss, he decided to turn the garage into a hub […]